ABOUT holly

As a dog owner myself, I understand the need for you to have complete reassurance when leaving your dog with somebody new. My job is to make this process a whole lot easier. For me, loving your dog as much as you do is vital. Here's a little about us.



I'm Holly - a professional dog walker and sitter based in Winchester, Hampshire. As a dog lover and enthusiast, becoming a dog walker became logical career to pursue. I started looking after dogs in June 2017 before deciding to leave my photography degree at university to officially start my business in February 2018 and do what I truly love for a living - caring for dogs (and photographing them!).​​ In August 2021, all of my dreams came true and I became a dog mum for the first time! My Labrador, Edie, is now the forefront of my business and she joins us on all walks with her best friends - she's living the best life.

I pride my business on me - an individual who offers a more personal and bespoke service. I get to know your dog as an individual, allowing me to support their growth, personal development and notice any behaviour changes in them. I consider all of the dogs in my care a part of our four legged family and they'll always receive unconditional love, support and endless supply of 'sweeties'! Throughout the last year I worked hard on making Instagram my niche, creating a community and little hub based around Holly and The Dogs. It quickly became very popular with every dog owner and I love keeping everyone in the loop with our pictures, videos, reels and more!