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Hi, I'm Holly! The face behind Holly and The Dogs and mama to Edie the Lab.

here's a little about us!

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Hi, I'm Holly 👋🏻

If you’re here, you’re probably looking for a dog walker or sitter for your Labrador. As a dog mum myself to a wonderful fox red called Edie, I understand the need for you to have complete reassurance when leaving your dog with somebody new. My job is to make this process a whole lot easier. For me, loving your Labrador as much as you do is vital.


As someone with deep understanding of the breed's unique traits, energy levels, and exercise requirements, our walks are equipped to provide the necessary care and attention that your Labrador needs to stay happy and healthy.


The start of my business in 2018 sparked my fascination with Labradors, but it was only in March 2023 that I gathered the courage to transform my business exclusively into a Labrador-focused enterprise! The surge in Labrador puppies during the lockdown period brought an influx of these adorable companions to HATD, and it's safe to say that it's what made us gain recognition and become known as the go-to place for Labradors!


I take immense pride in my business, where I, as an individual, offer a personalised and tailored service. I take the time to truly know your dog as a unique individual, enabling me to support their growth, personal development, and promptly identify any behavioural changes. Together with our amazing Instagram community and the dogs from the past and present, we consider ourselves a close-knit Labrador family.


Being a passionate dog lover and enthusiast, it felt like a natural progression for me to pursue a career as a dog walker. I began caring for dogs in June 2017, and in February 2018, I made the decision to leave my photography degree at university and officially start my business. It allowed me to follow my true passion in life - caring for dogs (and capturing their precious moments through photography!). I am dedicated to dog enrichment, a strong advocate of raw feeding, an enthusiast of fox red Labradors, and when I'm not working, I cherish quality time with my own Labrador, Edie, and indulge in photography.

I look forward to meeting you and your lovely Labrador soon!

Holly x

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