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Looking for a dog walker in Winchester? You've hit the jackpot.

find out below how we can enrich your Lab's life.


Group Walks • £18

Our aim is to focus on breed characteristics in fun, dynamic and enriching walks, ensuring we make the most out of every outing. Retrieving, swimming, scent work, and basic obedience and positive reinforcement training is practiced on every walk, whilst giving the dogs the chance to build and maintain friendships in a safe and controlled environment. Combining physical exercise with mental stimulation, it’s the perfect place for your pooch to be to socialised with likeminded dogs in groups where each dogs’ play style and preferences are matched. 


Our walks are structured so I can gain leadership and trust from all my dogs. Creating strong, healthy relationships with all of my dogs as individuals is paramount, where both individually and in a pack, they can flourish. Our group walks are a minimum of an hour and we spend the majority of our walks in the gorgeous Hampshire countryside, often by water for all our water obsessed pooches. 

Please Note

We're all about the usual dogs here, and we don't allow ad hoc dogs, just to keep things consistent. Any new pups joining us just need to agree to take their Labradors for at least one walk every week – it's like a membership thing. The best part is, once they're in, they can totally add more walks if they want, and they get access to all the other services we offer.

Adventure Days • £40

Looking for more than your average walk? We organise fun, dynamic and enriching Adventure Days for your dog that will keep them coming back for more. Adventure Days also gives your dog the chance to socialise in a different perspective - each dog will experience wildlife, different terrains and be exposed to different smells, scents, whilst maintaining focus around humans and animals. 

Adventure Days give your dog a fun packed day with like-minded dogs in the beautiful surroundings of the New Forest, one of our gorgeous nature reserves or Hampshire beaches. They will be collected in the morning and returned in the afternoon, happy and content and eagerly awaiting your return. ​Adventure Days are a minimum of three hours walking time and require a trial walk beforehand to ensure your dog is suitable. Adventure Days are the perfect treat for your dog to help develop their skills and fill their lives with enrichment!

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