Dogs benefit massively from long, regular walks, and are super sociable animals! I specialise in long and exciting walks, including 'Adventure Days' to the beautiful New Forest and local beaches with Fox & Greekie. We always enjoy walking where there's water for the pooches who enjoy a swim! My group walks are a minimum of an 70mins and our adventure days are slightly longer with up to 3 hours walking time. The perfect exercise in a fun, friendly and sociable environment. 

Structured, sociable & fun!

My walks are structured so I can gain leadership and trust from all my dogs and get to know them as individuals. We work on basic obedience, calmness, manners and respect on all walks - whilst having as much fun as possible. 


Dogs are walked in groups from 2-6 and walked off lead to guarantee space to explore and play.  As most of my walks are group walks, I do my best to place dogs in groups based on their age, preferences and compatibility. Location is also taken into consideration to reduce to the amount of travel time.

Puppy walks to playdates

Before I have any dog join group walks, I require as many one to one sessions as required to get to know them and get them ready to join a group. Due to the nature of my walks, I require all dogs to be off lead and have adequate recall, but of course we always work on this.


I also offer puppy walks for puppies aged 12 weeks or more. These walks have a main focus on socialisation skills around new people and surroundings, reinforced training, working on lead walking and recall and a slow introduction to other dogs and arranged playdates.


Ready to join the gang?