house sitting

Overnight sitting ensures your pet has round-the-clock love and care in the comfort of their own home. This service offers reassurance for both your pet and your home while you are away, whether it’s for one night or one week. House sitting enables me to be able to carry on and do these things that a home boarder or kennels may not be able to provide. After all, there's no better place than home!


I will move in for the period of time you are away and look after your dog, treating them as my own and making them feel as comfortable as possible while you are away. It is my number one priority to ensure the dogs are happy and have their usual routines. They'll also be treated to extra adventures!

During my stay, your dog will accompany me on my group walks and errands where possible to keep busy. I also ensure dogs are left on their own for periods of time to avoid any attachment issues. In the circumstances where there is more than one dog, they may be left home while I attend to my other dogs as there may not be enough space on my walks. 


This service adds a more personal touch, giving dogs their usual home comforts and surroundings that they are used to. This is particularly beneficial to dogs who may get unsettled when away from home. Whilst I house sit I will update my stories frequently (whilst respecting your privacy!) to ensure you can see your pooch is happy and all is going well.


House sitting adds that extra safety to your home while away. I will be in and out throughout the day, pick up any post, water plants, put bins out and maintain the cleanliness of your home. It's always a pleasure of mine leaving a house cleaner than I arrived, alongside a very happy and content pooch! 


lets get cosy