Photography Walks

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I'm in love with taking photos of all our gorgeous doggies and I'm always sharing updates of our walks. By popular demand, I am super happy to start offering photography walks as a new service! Whilst my current dog walking clients will receive the same quality of photos on our walks, this service is an option for those who may not be a part of our pack (for example, has another dog walker or none at all!) and would love some personal photos of their dog for their own use without having to fork out for a professional photographer.


Photo walks will be solo and a minimum of an hour to get as many snaps as possible! Whilst I will do my best to ensure to get the best quality photos, it's preferred that we shoot on a day that is sunny and bright - photos aren't always the best quality on a dull day! I am super happy to take photos in a requested location, or perhaps for a occasion - ie birthdays! After the session, I will go through and edit all photos and and all photos that take like will be emailed to you.

Although I have managed to get snaps of wiggly dogs in the past, I am not a miracle worker! I do require dogs to be able to sit and wait for a treat, or even better enjoy having their photo taken! It's also preferable that your dog is good off lead and okay with being moved about, picked up etc.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a professional photographer with expensive equipment - I solely use my iPhone for photos.

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