As a former photography student, I have always loved photography and implementing it into my dog walking business. A lot of people are shocked when they learn I use my iPhone for all of my pictures. Using my iPhone instead of a big, bulky camera makes it super easy and accessible to get quick, casual snaps during walks.

photography walks

Fancy some casual snaps of your pooch without the price tag or a professional photographer? I now offer photography walks for these scenarios! Photography walks are solo walks with an aim of getting gorgeous snaps of your dog in a location/setting of your choice. 


"I contacted Holly months before I got my yellow lab, enquiring about a mini photoshoot/walk. She was just great from the off! Holly me feel so comfortable, which for an overprotective puppy mum like myself, helped so so much! The pictures are beautiful and the smiling face tells me all I need to know. Thank you Holly!" - Tanya Ray

photography for business

As a professional myself, I know how important it is to have relevant and nice pictures on your website and social media platforms. Similar to the casual photography I offer to pooches, I also offer this service to small businesses wanting good quality content for their platforms. You can see an example of my work on Maher and Hound.

I am also happy to sell my images for a licensed agreement. We had one of our images licensed by Abacus Cards in 2021 - bite me moment!

As always, my Instagram is full of our best snaps. 


posey posey