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Setting puppies up for success! Services tailored for your pup.

Available from 12 weeks old.


Puppy Socialisation • £30

Give your puppy a head start in life by enrolling them in socialisation sessions from as early as 12 weeks old. It's crucial for young pups to be introduced to a variety of experiences in the world around them, including new people, places, other animals, sounds, surfaces, environments, and more.Our socialisation walks offer a safe and positive environment for your puppy to explore the outdoors and encounter new things. Using positive reinforcement techniques only, we visit different locations such as shops, cafes, markets, and even use public transportation to gradually expose your pup to different surroundings at their own pace.


During these walks, we gently guide your pup and reinforce any training they've received at home, while teaching them to behave calmly around various stimuli. While playtime is important for dogs, we limit and structure it in a way that ensures your puppy is guided appropriately. Our goal is to help set your puppy up for success by giving them the tools they need to navigate the world confidently and happily, whilst gradually easing them into group walks.

Home Visits • £15

We offer a convenient solution for puppies who are unable to go on walks. During our home visits, we focus on supporting and reinforcing any basic training you have in place to keep continuity, while also providing essential care such as those all important puppy snuggles, playing in the garden, ensuring lunch is given, refreshing water, and attending to any accidents. Our home visits are scheduled for half an hour and are subject to availability. A longer home visit can be requested, if required. Please note: I only support force free, positive reinforcement training techniques only. I will not use slip leads, shock/e-collars, prong collars etc to train puppies.


After puppies have received their final vaccinations, we encourage them to transition to socialisation walks and/or small group walks. It's important to note that puppies will not be exercised for the full hour, as we carefully consider the appropriate amount of exercise they can handle.

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