puppy socialisation

Socialisation is more than just meeting other dogs. It’s important for young puppies to be guided and exposed to a variation of things in the world around them, whether this be new people, places, other animals, sounds, surfaces, environments and more. 

all the experiences

Socialisation walks give puppies a chance to experience new things outside of their home using positive reinforcement only. We will visit different places, such as shops, cafes, high streets, markets, use the bus and train to get your pup used to these different surroundings at their own pace. Walks are suitable for puppies as soon as they’ve had their final jabs, up to twenty weeks covering their critical socialisation period and as many or as little can be booked at once to get your pooch ready for the big world.

structure and guidance

Pups will be gently exposed to a range of different things whilst teaching them to behave calmly and reinforcing any training you’ve been doing at home. Whilst it’s lovely for dogs to play, any playtime will be limited and structured to ensure your puppy is guided in the right way. There will be a various choices for walks, from town centres, countrysides and local parks.These walks will help me identify any concerning behaviours that may need help from a professional trainer and behaviourist.