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Terms and Conditions

In order to avail the dog walking services provided by Holly and The Dogs, it is essential to acknowledge and agree to the following terms and conditions. Non-compliance with these terms and conditions may lead to the immediate termination of all services. 

Our Policies

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made within 48 hours of the scheduled service will incur a fee equal to 100% of the total cost.


Retainer Policy

For dogs with regularly scheduled weekly walks, a retainer fee of 25% will be applied if their walks are temporarily paused, no matter how long. The retainer fee is charged per walk.


Photography Policy

All photographs taken by Holly are copyrighted and require permission for use. They are available for purchase. The photos will be shared on social media and utilised for advertising within Holly and The Dogs. Additionally, they may be sold and licensed for promotional purposes by other businesses and companies.


Trainer Policy

I refrain from walking dogs that are undergoing training with dog trainers and behaviourists utilising aversive, punishing, or oppressive methods. My approach centres around positive reinforcement, employing rewards, praise, and clear, consistent communication to foster a strong and positive bond with all the dogs under my care. This also applies to dog sharing with other dog walkers.

Dogs in Holly and The Dog's Care

In the event that your dog exhibits any signs of kennel cough, conjunctivitis, fleas, or any potentially contagious conditions, including suspected gastrointestinal issues, kindly notify Holly promptly. Should you be uncertain about the symptoms, it is advisable to seek guidance from your vet. Please be aware that Holly reserves the right to decline walking any dog demonstrating symptoms of contagious conditions to safeguard the health and well-being of other dogs under her care. The client is responsible for their dog being up to date with all their vaccinations, flea, worming and kennel cough treatments whilst coming on walks with Holly and The Dogs.


Holly is covered by valid specialist pet business insurance through Protectivity, encompassing all offered services. It is the client's responsibility to ensure adequate insurance coverage for their dog, property, and belongings. Holly’s insurance covers up to six dogs.


In case of an emergency, it is essential to provide an alternate emergency contact. Holly retains the right to seek necessary veterinary care and administer treatment, up to the value of £1,000, which you agree to cover on your return. Decisions will be made in the best interest of the dog's well-being. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you allow Holly right to seek veterinary treatment and will sign a vet release in the client forms.


Holly cannot assume responsibility for injuries caused by your dog or instances of your dog being attacked by another dog outside of Holly and The Dog’s group due to negligence or undisclosed information. This policy is applicable to all existing dogs and remains integral to our commitment to the safety and well-being of every pet in our care, including new customers. 


Holly cannot be held responsible for any loss, injury, or fatality of a dog in her care unless clear negligence is demonstrated. The client is accountable for any veterinary expenses incurred while pets are under the care of Holly and The Dogs. The client's insurance is expected to cover any veterinary costs that may arise during the period their dog is in the care of Holly and The Dogs.

Dogs are walked in groups of 4-5, with Holly insured to walk up to 6 dogs. Our walks occur in secure, off-lead areas within the Winchester countryside. While our primary focus is on safe environments, we also provide opportunities for dogs to build confidence in water, including swimming in moderate currents.

Out and About

It’s asked dog’s are sent out with an appropriate collar and tag. It is a legal requirement for all dogs to wear a collar with an identification (ID) tag. Therefore, it is necessary for all dogs to be equipped with a collar and ID tag at all times. 


By accepting and agreeing to these terms and conditions, you grant permission for all dogs to be walked off-lead. This agreement acknowledges and authorises off-lead walking as part of the services provided. We require all of our dogs to have reliable recall and good off lead behaviour.


In cases of severe weather conditions, including but not limited to high temperatures, strong winds, heavy rain, or snow, walks may be abbreviated or cancelled as a precautionary measure. Holly maintains the right to exercise my personal judgment and end a walk prematurely if she believe it is in the best interests and safety of your dog.


Dogs will be transported in a well-ventilated van equipped with securely fitted crates. If Holly is aware that dogs from different households are friendly and comfortable with each other, they may share a crate during travel. Nevertheless, the preference is for each dog to have their own space during transportation. At the conclusion of the journey, efforts will be made to dry the dogs, but it is the client's responsibility to supply towels for post-walk wiping down of their dogs.


In order to maintain a safe and harmonious walking environment for all dogs, Holly retains the authority to discontinue walking a dog if their behaviour significantly disrupts the overall quality and experience of the walks. Walks can be terminated at anytime for any reason.


Humping, resource guarding, high prey drive chasing, or any aggression will not be tolerated. If any of these behaviours aren’t disclosed, dog walks will be terminated immediately.

House Sitting

All home security devices and recording equipment, including Ring doorbells, must be disclosed. 

Holly must be informed if anyone else is expected to be coming to the property during the client’s absence, ie friend, relative, and whether or not they have their own key. This also includes the scheduled use of weekly cleaners.

The property must be clean and fit to live in, with general facilities accessible, such as the internet.

Payments & Charges

Payments for walks are due within 7 days of receiving the invoice. Failure to make payment within this timeframe will result in a £5 late payment fee, which will be included in the subsequent invoice. Invoices are sent out at the end of every month.


If the dog is not available for collection at the scheduled time for the walk, the full fee will be charged if access is not granted after a reasonable waiting period of 10 minutes.


Clients are required to assume the cost of a professional cleaning service in the event of their dog defecating in the van. Additionally, charges will apply if dogs damage any equipment, such as leads or towels.

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