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New Customer Policy and T&Cs - things you need to know.

all the "boring bits"!


As a breed exclusive dog walker, our spaces are precious! As much as I’d love to cater for every Labrador in the world, unfortunately not all dogs suit group walks, therefore I am bringing a new policy out to new customers prior to their dog joining walks, to ensure their dog is suitable for group walks.

We have unfortunately had too many dogs join who have then shown undesirable behaviours and subsequently had to leave due to the safety of my existing dogs.


All new dogs require:

👉🏻 A strong, reliable recall, from other dogs - for their safety

👉🏻 Sociable manners with other dogs, people and animals

👉🏻 Willingness to travel in a van, and no issues with travelling

👉🏻 To recall away from wildlife, cattle, and prey


Any dogs showing signs of resource guarding will not be accepted onto walks. If there are any developing signs of this, walks will be suspended immediately until a consultation with fully accredited behaviourist has taken place. 


Whilst we accept full males, any males showing aggression towards other full males, or other males in the group will be removed. We cannot accept any males who already portray any aggression. We encourage you are open and honest about your dogs behaviour and personality. The safety and wellbeing of our dogs comes first, therefore any dog who cause disruption during walks, for whatever reason, will be removed.

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