more than just a dog walker.


If you're here, you're probably looking for a dog walker or sitter. As a dog mum myself, I understand the need for you to have complete reassurance when leaving your dog with somebody new. My job is to make this process a whole lot easier. For me, loving your dog as much as you do is vital.


It is paramount that all the dogs in my care receive love and affection at all times, and to ensure you have peace of mind that your pooch is having the best time ‘at school’, we are always documenting our adventures and updating our Instagram to keep you in the loop of what we are up to. As a strong advocate of open and transparent communication, we will keep regular contact to ensure everything is running smoothly and work through any issues that arise, together.


Group Walks

Our group walks are perfect for doggies who love to socialise, play and explore. Whilst on our walks we work on basic obedience, calmness, manners and respect, whilst having as much fun as possible!


Puppy Socialisation

 It’s important for young puppies to be guided and exposed to a variation of things in the world around them, whether this be new people, places, other animals, sounds, surfaces, environments and more. 


House Sitting

House sitting is a great alternative to kennels or home boarders. After all, there is nothing better than your home comforts! I will move in to look after you pooch and treat them as my own while you're away. 


Why choose us?

Instagram updates and stories on every outing, including photos, videos and reels of our adventures. I love to keep everyone in the loop with what their pooch is up to!


A variety of walks, never the same boring forest each day! We venture off to places with water, woods, and have Adventure Days with Fox & Greekie!


Trusted house sitter to provide around the clock love and care, with the bonus of your dog being able to join us on walks everyday additional adventures and trips. Homes will always be left super clean and tidy with a happy dog!


Fully insured and DBS checked, safe secure travel in our school bus and over four years of experience hanging out with our four legged friends.


What the Humans Say

"Holly is exactly what every owner and every dog wants in a dog walker! Holly has been taking our yellow lab Moose out since she was 12 weeks, and Moose has gained so much confidence with her best pup pals. Holly has also reinforced Moose’s training while on enriching and stimulating walks..."

Hollie Bladen

"Holly mixes up her walks and takes the dogs on new adventures when possible. She incorporates training within her walks including recall, waiting, tricks, scent work and even learning to swim. I recommend any dog owner to get in touch with Holly if they need dog walking..."

Naomi Crowe

"Our time available for Kodi has varied greatly over the last year and Holly has always stepped in to ensure Kodi is never impacted. She’s like a member of our family who cares greatly for the dogs treating them like they are her own..."

- cat Rix