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The dog walking club, exclusively for Labradors.


The go-to for your Lab.

Welcome to Holly and The Dogs, the first breed exclusive dog walker, offering dog walking and sitting services in Winchester, Hampshire - for Labradors!


Our aim is to focus on breed characteristics in fun, dynamic and enriching walks, ensuring we make the most out of every outing. Retrieving, swimming, scent work, and basic obedience with positive reinforcement training is practiced on every walk, whilst giving the dogs the chance to build and maintain friendships in a safe and controlled environment.


As someone with deep understanding of the breed's unique traits, energy levels, and exercise requirements, our walks are equipped to provide the necessary care and attention that your Labrador needs to stay happy and healthy.


Combining physical exercise with mental stimulation, it’s the perfect place for your Lab to be socialised with likeminded dogs in groups where each dogs’ play style and preferences are matched. With a choice between a weekday wander or adventure day, give your Labrador the walk they deserve.

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Why Choose HATD?

Expertise in Labrador Care

Labrador have specific needs when it comes to exercise, training, and socialisation. As a Labrador mum and with over five years experience in the professional field, I have deep understanding of these needs and will be able to provide specialised care that meets your Labradors unique requirements.​


Tailored Walking Plans

Every Labrador that joins us will receive a tailored walking plan meets your dog's specific exercise needs. ​Your dog's age, health, ability and energy level, and will adjust their walking routine accordingly. It's also important that we take into consideration any issues with joints - a common issue in Labs.

Building a Bond

It's important for me to create a strong relationship and bond with all of my dogs over time and as early as from the day they come home, leading to greater trust between myself and your Labrador. This is essential so I can track their progress and flag up any issues that may occur.​ 

And all the Extra Touches...

✧ high quality photo and video updates via Instagram

✧ regular members only

✧ force free, positive reinforcement methods only

✧ fully insured and DBS checked 

✧ professionally fitted cages in our fan ventilated van

✧ adventure days scheduled monthly

socialisation sessions available from 12 weeks

✧ always a mixture of walks, never the same forest!

✧ house sitting & holiday cover for your Labrador

✧ refer a friend scheme

The walk your
Labrador deserves.

Naomi & Asher

I reached out to Holly through Instagram when my labrador puppy (Asher) was around 5 months old. Holly was professional from the start and super friendly. I felt I could trust Holly with my dog 100%! Every adventure Asher goes on with Holly tires her out and from the photo and video updates on Instagram, it’s clear she has the best time and is her happiest when playing with the other dogs and seeing Holly. Asher is now 1 and a half and she LOVES going to see Holly. Holly mixes up her walks and takes the dogs on new adventures when possible. She incorporates training within her walks including recall, waiting, tricks, scent work and even learning to swim.

Meet our Labs

Keep up to date with photos, availability and more on our Instagram! Photo walks and the purchasing of  images is available on request.

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